Christian Bobst, 'The Gris-gris Wrestlers of Senegal' 2016 Editions print


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This photo by Swiss photographer Christian Bobst shows a wrestling tournament in the Adrien Senghor Arena in Dakar nearing its end.

Senegalese wrestling is the most popular sport in Senegal, attracting major sponsors and wide media coverage. Wrestlers can become national stars and extremely wealthy, with top prizes reaching hundreds of thousands of euros. The sport is part of a larger West African form of traditional wrestling, but differs in that the Senegalese version allows blows with the hands. It has its historical roots in preparations among warrior classes for battle, and is still seen as an indication of masculine strength and ability. Tournaments involve drumming and dance, and wrestlers practice a range of rituals—such as the presentation of amulets, and rubbing with lotions—to increase their chances and ward off bad luck.

  • 40 x 60 cm
  • Museum-grade archival paper*
  • Printed by Canon*
  • Limited editions of 15
  • Each print comes with a numbered label signed by the photographer
  • Includes Editions certificate of authenticity
  • All proceeds shared equally to benefit the photographer and support the foundation's education programs
*frame not included. Printed on Canon Inkjet ipf8400 with Océ IJM255 Satin 240 g/m2 paper.