Joop Swart Masterclass 10 years


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In November 2003, the Joop Swart Masterclass was held for the tenth time. The professional approach and open, dynamic atmosphere of the event have earned it popularity worldwide. So far, 118 photographers from dozens of countries have participated. The end of the masterclass’s first decade is an appropriate moment to look back on ten years of working with top talent in global photojournalism.

Erik Kessels, founder and creative director of KesselsKramer, was invited to browse through the masterclass archives to take the viewer on a visual journey of the themes the photographers were assigned to work on: Generation X, Patriotism, Neighbors, Friendship, Food, Power, Work, ID/Identity, Faith and Enough. He based his selection on what he found interesting – in terms of both form and content – and also took the broadening of photojournalistic techniques into consideration. Kessels believes that, through the years, photojournalism has become more free and open, and that photographic styles and approaches are now much more diverse. Photojournalists are no longer tied to an age-old, unspoken tradition. Today, they are able to depict horrific images in an intimate way, show daily life in monumental compositions, or find the epic in the mundane.


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