Mário Cruz, 'Talibes: Modern Day Slaves' 2016 Editions print


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This photo by Portugese photographer Mário Cruz shows runaway talibés standing on the banks of the Senegal River, in northern Senegal.

Koranic boarding schools in Senegal, known as daaras, traditionally give children between the ages of five and fifteen a religious education and teach them Arabic. But the schools are highly unregulated, and conditions in many are poor, with near-starving children living in overcrowded, unsanitary circumstances.
The pupils, or talibés, are beaten and sometimes kept in chains for hours on end. Some are the victims of child-trafficking. Talibés are frequently made to beg on the streets for up to eight or nine hours a day, giving all they collect to their marabout (teacher).

  • 40 x 60 cm
  • Museum-grade archival paper*
  • Printed by Canon*
  • Limited editions of 15
  • Each print comes with a numbered label signed by the photographer
  • Includes Editions certificate of authenticity
  • All proceeds shared equally to benefit the photographer and support the foundation's education programs
*frame not included. Printed on Canon Inkjet ipf8400 with Océ IJM255 Satin 240 g/m2 paper.