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World Press Photo: New Stories is a showcase for the power of visual storytelling and a celebration of world photography. The photo book presents documentary stories made by ten young photographers from around the world. The issues matter to them, the perspectives are theirs. The book shifts the point of view offered by Western photojournalists working for established media and bears testimony to the level of professionalism and visual storytelling skills of a unique group of photographers.

The photographers, all former participants in World Press Photo's training programs in developing countries, were asked to produce a photo essay. They were given freedom to work beyond the confines of a normal editorial commission - there was no brief, instead the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals were used as inspiration.

Contributors to this publication were asked to engage with and throw light upon the subjects they chose to photograph. In a move away from traditional photography, they were encouraged to explore new ways of presenting Developing World issues. The initiative is built on World Press Photo's existing record of encouraging and championing local photography.

With 187 photographs and an introduction by Panos Pictures director Adrian Evans, World Press Photo: New Stories ventures an important step in a new direction.

The following ten photographers are included in the book with these stories:
  • Abir Abdullah (Bangladesh), Effects of climate change on the coastal population of Bangladesh
  • Mariana Bazo (Peru), Young people from a poor neighborhood start their own business in Peru
  • Atul Loke (India), An Indian widow with HIV struggling to support her family
  • Bevis Fusha (Albania), Contaminated environment in Albania
  • Kemal Jufri (Indonesia), Two sisters set up a school for Jakarta slum children in Indonesia
  • Mwanzo Millinga (Tanzania), Young mother seeking treatment for fistula, in Tanzania
  • Karen Mirzoyan (Armenia), First textbooks for Yezidi ethnic minority group in Armenia
  • Mehran Afshar Naderi (Iran), An Afghan refugee child-worker in Iran
  • Sudharak Olwe (India), Improving maternal health among tribal people in India
  • Tolga Sezgin (Turkey), Organic farming movement in Turkey
World Press Photo: New Stories is made possible with support from Oxfam Novib and the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs