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In preparation of the 21st edition of the Joop Swart Masterclass, the 12 selected photographers were asked to give their interpretation of the theme of “irresistible” and this work, shown here for the first time, forms the refreshing and sometimes surprising collection of stories in Next#04. The fourth edition of the Next series contains 160 pages, with more than 110 images.

In the foreword of Next#04, Maggie Steber, American photographer, educator, photo editor, and three-time masterclass master discusses her experience with the masterclass:

"My photographic style is reinvigorated by the work of these young people, who go on to do great things, whose bylines appear in premier publications and websites, those who publish books and are intrepid in their opinions and in their ability to speak their minds, and who driven by a sometimes traumatic life. I feel I am standing on the cutting edge of change."

She also writes:

"All the work from masterclass is personal, no matter what the subject, and shows us the world from the most intimate details to our universal commonalities. Who would not be in love with this glorious collection of human stories?"

The photographers and the stories in Next#04:

  • Bego Antón, Ugly Mugly
  • Bryan Denton, Boomtown
  • Isadora Kosofsky, Debbie and Barry
  • Meeri Koutaniemi, Lust to the Roots
  • Giorgio Di Noto, Fading Frames
  • Émilie Régnier, Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
  • Raphaela Rosella, You'll Know It When You Feel It
  • Sarker Protick, Love Me or Kill Me
  • Bryan Schutmaat, Transmission
  • Akos Stiller, Pálinkaland
  • Andrejs Strokins, Shooting Stars
  • Ilona Szwarc, Two-Spirited


  • Paperback with flaps, 160 pages with 111 photos in full color and duotone
  • Design: Teun van der Heijden/Heijdens Karwei
  • Publisher: Schilt Publishing
  • English edition distribution: Thames and Hudson and Ingram Publishing Services (North America)
  • German edition: Till Schaap Edition, Switzerland


Schilt Publishing